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Sonic RPA: Episode 9>/b>

The Park

Sonic: (Both Sonic and Tails sat at a dining table, right next to a food place. Behind Sonic was a slightly big, slightly small park with a single tree in the middle. This was the main park of RPA city, but Mano nicknamed it “Shiver’s park”, for this was one of Shiver’s favorite spots in the city.) Where is Mano? He said he was gonn

a treat us.

Tails: He’ll probably be here soon. Maybe he w- (As if on cue, Mano came up with three plates and set one by Tails.)

Mano: Sorry I’m late! I decided to pay Shiver a visit, she just got out of the hospital. (He set the already had set Sonic’s plate, then set his own plate and sat down. In silence, he was in thought.) They say that she is at 100% health now… (Sonic grabbed what was on the plate.)

Sonic: Thats chaos powers for ya. You know Mano, I bet ya that if you trained hard eno- (Sonic took a bite while talking, then Sonic’s face shifted hard. He then spat out the food and grabbed a napkin and tapped his tongue.) EW Thats not CHILI DOGS!!

Mano: (Picks up one of the sticks.) Chili dogs? No, this is fish sticks! These are my favorite snacks! (Takes a bite.) Don’t you like them?

Sonic: Sure…. (He pushes his plate aside.)

Tails: Sonic….? (Sonic gives Tails his attention.) ….What is our plan now? (Mano and Tails then stared at Sonic. Under the pressure, Sonic gave a slightly nervious expression, and poked his nose looking the other way.)

Sonic:....I...was hoping to stay a bit longer? (Tails gave a big sign.)

Tails: I already thought so. (Tails then pulled out a remote. Mano and Sonic was instatnly interested and nearly bumped each other’s head to get a glance. Tails then pressed a button and a voice popped.)

Remote: T-Minus--- 20 mintunes.

Sonic: What did you just do? (Tails gave a big smile.)

Tails: I decided I wanted a place to sleep tonight. Aside well, a hospital.

Mano: …..What are you getting at? (Tails then smirked and got up.)

Tails: Lets go find out (Tails started walking. Sonic and Mano exchanged glances, then got up and followed, with Mano carrying himself a plate of fish sticks.)

Sonic: ….. (They walked a while longer, but Sonic’s impaitent impusles had already kicking in.) Tails just tell us! I can’t wait 20 minitunes! (Tails let out another sign and looked at Mano and Sonic.)

Tails: I called my Island


Tails: Well, yeah! I already knew that after Dealvo, you will go head over heels. So, I built a remote with some of Dealvo’s cyborgs, built a remote, and connected to my main computer that was on my island, and sent the co-

Mano: And my brain just stopped. Sonic, inform me.

Sonic: No worries Mano. MY brain stops all the time too. However, listen. (He wrapped a arm around Mano’s neck.) My friend Miles “Tails” Prower is a mech junkie. He can build….well, just about anything! He has this Blue Typhoon, which is a huge huge ship with a huge cannon. He has hover boards, and jet planes, and the Famous X Tornado! Which is, of course, a powerful jet fighter which stopped Eggman.

Mano: WOW! Tails, thats amazing! (Tails shuffled his feet.)

Tails: I just screw around with metal really…...….

Sonic: And you see, he also has his own FLOATING ISLAND! That’s what coming our well now….. (Looks at him dumbly.) ...R-Right? Thats what you said? (Tails smiles and nods, but right after, Mano grabbed Tails and instantly started dragging him.)


Tails: (He smashes his feet into the ground to stop the dragging.) HOLD ON!

Mano: (Is nearly pulled forward by himself, but stops and looks at Tails.) Y-Yes?

Tails: (Tails pulls Mano off of him and dusts himself off slowly.* Why not...Get shiver to come with us and we will go check it out  together?

Mano: OKAY!

[Somewhere near Mobius]

???: (A white hedgehog was floating near Mobius’s atmosphere. the white hedgehog was out cold. Soon, as near by debris brush against his face, the white hedgehog woke up.)

???:  ...Where….where am I? (the hedgehog sat up in a more steady position. He turned to Mobius.) ….this...this planet is alive?! (He then remembered everything that had happened to him in recent time. In fear, he quickly turned  around. He watched for any movement. Then, in the depths of space., was a dark smoke. Alex backed uped in great fear.)

Alex: No! YOU WILL NOT HAVE THIS PLANET AS WELL! (Alex then  Blasted towards Mobius)

[RPA City]

Shiver: (Shiver walked as she held her head.* ….s-shes..gone…. (She looked up.) but I can’t stop thinking about her. (She then turned left to a display. It was a green dress.) ...I guess she just will be….part of my nightmares now.

???:  Yo girl! (Shiver turns around and there stood Sonic. He had his hand up in greetings.)

Shiver: It’s Shiver. I don’t know if you remembered it.

Sonic: (Drops his hand down.) Oh, I remember it. (He then smiles.) I just hoped you remembered my name.

Shiver: Okaaaayy then? What do you want?

Sonic: (Face droops.) Um…… (There was a awkward silence. Thats when Tails came up to Sonic’s side.)

Tails: We’re going to my island!

Shiver: (Blinks.) island? (Tails nods.)

Tails: My floating island!

Shiver: (She scratched her ear.) I don’t know. It sounds fake.

???: Why not go and see? (Shiver turned and saw Mano. He had a huge grin.)

Mano: These guys are pretty awesome. (Shiver thinks for a moment.)

Shiver: (Shrugs finally.) I guess. I’m bored anyways.

Sonic: Alright! (He snaps his fingers and then he sped away in a blue blur. He was gone. Everyone just stood and watched. Tails turned to Shiver.)

Tails: (Jabs a thumb back.) In retaliation to Sonic’s nickname. You could always call him the blue blur.

Shiver: (Just smiles.)

[A cabin in a graveyard. Near the forest of RPA City.]

Meemee: (Meemee walked into Scythe’s living room. She turned and saw Scythe’s reaper scythe laying up against a cabinet. She then looked forward and saw Scythe putting on a leather jacket. Meemee stepped forward.) Your going out?

Scythe: (He then walks over to Meemee and places a hand on her shoulders.) I can’t sit all day. (Scythe then picks up his Scythe. He then ran out of the door.)


[under Tail’s island.]

Tails: HERE IT IS! (Right above them was Tails’s island. It was giganteus. Luckily, they was now in the countryside where it was lonely. Shiver walked up by Tails.)

Shiver: And how do we get up?

Tails: Well, that hasn’t been set up, but I just need to build a plane!

Mano: (Eyes widen.) A plane?! (Smiles.) Really?!

Sonic: (Fingers his nose.) Tails is good with a lot of things. Maybe he can make you a very neat toy. (Mano jumped onto the chance.)

Mano: Really Tails?!?! (Tails pulled away.)

Tails: It’ll be fun!

?????: What have you gotten yourself into this time? (Everyone turned. A gray hedgehog in a black leather jacket stood. He stared at Sonic. Sonic then stepped forward.)

Sonic: Glad you decided not to kick the bucket.

Scythe: Hphm.  (Tails stepped forward.)

Tails: Hows Meemee? Is she okay? (Scythe nods.)

Scythe: We all know that I took the entire blow. Jack wanted to ki- (Scythe looks at Shiver and Mano. Shiver stepped up with her arms crossed.)

Shiver: Hello shady.

Scythe: ……..I mean you and your friends no harm. i’m just here to chit chat.

Mano: How did you guys meet?

Scythe: ...Its a long story. I think I’ll save it for another time. (There was a short silence. Sonic then sped to Scythe. Scythe however didn’t flinch.)

Sonic: (He places his hand as if he was about to whisper, but he spoke in normal volume.) You know whats funny. You told Meemee, you loved her. (Tails leaned in, obviously interested.)

Scythe: (Expression doesn't change.) I know. I told her this before.

Tails: Oh...uh, Well I should best get to work. Where might we stay for now?

Mano: *Steps forward* I-I might know a couple of places!

Sonic: (Steps by him and place a hand on his shoulder.) Dibs.

[RPA rental apartments]

Land lord: And here is your keys sir!

Scythe: Why did I come here…..?

Sonic: (Snatchs the keys.) To check out my gigs.

Tails: Gigs, dibs, Sonic did you go to propel english classes?

Sonic: (Looks at Tails.) Hey, I was more of P.E guy.

Shiver: I’d say that Scythe was the guy who never spoke…

Mano: And I’m the class clown!..... I think

Tails: That leaves me with the nerd. Can we go inside now?


???:  *He was holding off the Dark Mist back with all of his strength.* I will not let you touch….another...PLANET….I WILL PROTECT IT!!!

????: *Thats when a huge dark metal arm came and smashed Alex in the face. there was a short silence as Alex flew off.*

[In the Apartment]

Scythe: Well, smells clean…

Sonic: (Eyeing Scythe.) Don’t you ever say yo?

Scythe: (Points at him) Heres your yo, Why don’t you wear pants or a shirt, all you have is fur and shoes….

Sonic: At least im not (He waves his hands like ears.) from the underworld.

Shiver: But you don’t walk anywhere either!

Tail: (Sitting on the couch) At least we can’t have a normal conversation… (Then a crash that shakes everyone in the building. Tails lifts up.) THAT WAS JUST OUTSIDE! (Sonic was out first. Scythe walked by the door. there was a huge hole in the street. Sonic walked up.)

Sonic: A rock?

Scythe: (Walks by Sonic.) After you.

Sonic: (Sonic slowly jumps into the crater. He skidded along the side.)

Scythe: (Sides behind Him.)

Alex: (Laid there, body burnt, He didn’t move.)

Mano: Is….( He leans toward the inside of the crater.) ….he alive?

Sonic: (He leans in and grabs Alex’s shoulder.)

Alex: GET DOWN NOW! (He grabs his shoulder, he lunges forward tackling Scythe and Sonic into the air, and then Alex slide on the asphalt out of the crater. He dropped both of them.) EVERYONE. PLEASE, LISTEN UP! WE ARE UNDER ATTACK!

Sonic: What?!

Scythe: ...Everyone day…..

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